Vagabonds and wandering
We see eye to eye
This sand is my bed
It’s like the ground I walk on
And the love that seeps through
My rough and rugged
My grip is limited to my
Forearm and
Flesh covered bone
While your flesh and blood
Saved these bones
I have so much to give
Yet it’s so limited by how I live
I play my cards close to my chest
Like they hold’em down in in Tex-as
Because, I’m so scared
Of losing my life
And all its monetary value
Your son came and lost his
Skin covered body
Gain the whole world
And not even need
A body
This, idle wandering
Has created a type of
Nomadic life
Where the
Dirt-filled road
Has become
Metaphorical for the
Life I lead
With uncertainty
Being the only certainty

This piece is inspired a lot by a country artist named Chris Stapleton and by a sermon series I'm going through at my church.

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oltre 4 anni

Yeah I am :) Glad you caught that.

Sarah Jane Danielsson
oltre 4 anni

Are you referring to Jesus when you say 'your son came and lost his skin covered body to gain the world? I like it:)

Robert L. Martin
oltre 4 anni

So true. The only certainty is uncertainty.

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