Morals and manners
Used to run this town
Now, I see guns and chaos
So I turn off the news
And slip on my shoes
Walk outside
sit my bum on a rise
And write about all this unnecessary hate
That will surely lead to our demise
They scream at you
and scream at me
But, really, what does that do
Besides make us look like primal beasts
Without a way, truth, and life
Everyday is something new
A new story
A new scandal
A new tear-jerking turn
It’s sad because that that sadness
Should lead to action
But instead it leads to self-pity
Like somehow only you
Can understand what it’s like
Only you understand
heart-wrenching pain
Only you understand
What the denial of a loved one feels like
Only you understand crying out for help
But but no one listens
On a fateful historical day
A man cried out
In worry for his oppressors
while in the midst of being brutally humiliated
attacked and beaten
Only because of love do I live
To be the difference
Between the now and the world I want for tomorrow
To live the life that I was shown

Life is confusing, society is confusing, parts of this poem may be confusing, faith can be hard but you're not alone in those thoughts.

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