If you knew me
Before the incident
What would you think
I’m so different
From who I once was
I’ve found a new way to live
An identity not founded
On the love of the game
I don’t wield a Louis-ville slugger
No more
Nor do I take hold of leather
And grasp the red stitching
Of the old rugged ball
I’m not the athlete
The partier
Or the one who does it all
The breeze no longer
Runs through my hair
Does that make me done?
I may not be able to
Walk a perfect line,
Sir Cash
I can’t hear the helmets
As the ball is hiked
Or the ball, skip on the water
As it is released from a quick
Turnaround move
But those things
Never made me
Who I was
My identity was never
Founded upon a game
But on the diamond

I used a lot of hyperboles (exaggeration) to try and show who I once was.

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Jessica MJ Cecilia D'souza
oltre 4 anni

I love this, I know exactly where you're coming from with this piece!

oltre 4 anni

Thanks, I appreciate it.

Robert L. Martin
oltre 4 anni

I loved playing sports also, until I got too old. My identity has changed, also. Well done,

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