You see, I’m a lyrical manipulator
Because the words in the dictionary
Don’t say enough, so I’m kind of like an originator
But that means nothing
If I sit back and don’t point you to the Creator
I can sit here and write about
Writing about you
Or I can preach in-n-out
Like some were meant to
But take a ride in my canoe
Because we all need to float on the ocean blue
See I don’t always make sense
Because I don’t fit this
Cube-like fence
That defines a poet
A true poet understands words
And their flow
He doesn’t cave to the firebirds
Telling him it’s like so
The term poet has lost its vigor
Words are my craft
And like a blacksmith
The words I write are neatly formed
But make no mistakes cause I like being a smith
Maybe now you’ll understand that I’m like an artisan with these words
A wordsmith

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Robert L. Martin
almost 4 years

Good flow.


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