It’s like being reborn
It’s like starting from day one
Except I should’ve been number one
Or so these thoughts were telling me
Running circles around my opponent
The runway was there, so I took off
One day I was and the next I was not
Not measuring up to the physical beings
That surrounded my being
Let’s drop back like a looper
It was the Gospel that saved me from the darkness
Guiding the hands of the uncertain surgeon
Thirty days in the wilderness
Not knowing if I would come out
One day the dim turned to light
I was no longer
All sights were new and overwhelming
Like an outsider on earth
Everything was new to me
Slowly I became more
Not able to return to whom I once was
I had to find out who I could be
At times being formed
By the world because it was easy
Because it was quick
Many times I still think about
Why I survived?
Why I lived
Through that which is unlivable?
With the odds stacked against me
I am an anomaly
Because I survived
But I do more than that, I thrive

An autobiographical poem that makes something that is fit for a book or short story, into a much more condensed piece of work.

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