Depression is a battle, you win or you lose,
At first it seems as though it would be easy to choose,
Some decide that they want to try,
Others choose to simply die,
There is no way to meet in the middle,
Depression will destroy you little by little,
You will slowly start to lose your mind,
Once you are lost, you are impossible to find,
The self hatred will become more than you can bare,
You will feel like no one will care,
There is no way to stop the voices in your head,
They will eat at your soul and make you wish you were dead,
You may take out the pain by cutting into your skin,
And just like that, the depression will win,
You think you can control it but you’re wrong,
Silly you, you are not that strong,
You will start to break down,
And feel like you are about to drown,
In your own sadness and self hatred,
Your arms will be stained red,
Dying will become all you think about,
Then you will start to shut everyone out,
You will become lonely and scared of your own reflection,
All because of your self destruction,
Every day will be a brand new hell,
There will be no one for you to tell,
No one will understand your pain,
You will begin to see beauty in the rain,
Hiding your cuts will be more of a challenge than you thought,
Someone will see, and you will get caught,
They will ask questions ‘what were you thinking’ they will say,
From there it will get worse every day,
Your razors will be your best friends,
It will seem like this hell will never end,
You will not recognize the girl in the mirror,
She is the girl who picked up that razor,
Suicidal thoughts will keep you occupied,
Your request for privacy will be denied,
Your whole life will be unbearable,
Everyday you will continue to feel horrible,
The life will be sucked right out of you,
You will not know what to do,
Your cuts will turn into silent screams,
Suicide will enter your dreams,
The cuts will be healed with a stitch,
But they will continue to itch,
At first you thought you would get better,
Do you still think that as you’re writing your suicide letter
Depression is a battle, you win or you lose,
Which do you choose?



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