You think attention is what she wishes to receive,
All the while she’s hiding scars under her sleeve,
Her open wound cuts were treated with stitches,
But that didn’t stop the frequent death wishes,
She watched as the blood trickled from her arm to the floor,
Although her body was covered in scars, she always found space for more,
The suicidal thoughts never leave her head,
They tell her “Kill yourself, you’re better off dead”,
There was nowhere that she could go to hide,
She couldn’t run from what she was feeling inside,
Hurting herself was the only way to stop the thoughts,
Every time she picked up the razor, her stomach was in knots,
Her scars reminded her that the past was real,
She hoped that someday she would know how being happy would feel,
She knew the meaning behind each scar all to well,
It was her only escape from this never-ending hell,
Finding the space to cut had never been an issue,
Until her entire body was made of scar tissue,
She was ashamed by what she had become,
She had cut herself to the point that her body was numb,
There was only one thing left for her to decide,
Which way was best for her to commit suicide,
At night she dreamed of the day she would die,
All she had to do now was write her final goodbye,
One pill, two pill, three pill, four...,
Pretty little girl laying on the floor,
For the past 15 years, every night she has cried,
On March 2nd 2013, she died.


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Sarana Conradie
oltre 6 anni

so sad

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Sarana Conradie