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I crave you

I have never liked a man this much
Forever I crave your magical touch
I think of you all the time
How I wish you were mine
In my heart; you own a special place
I just cannot live without seeing your handsome face
I need you in my life
And I always dream of becoming your wife
Whenever I’m around you
There’s no sadness
Only never ending love that’s so true
I know you sense the connection
Between you and I
So you can’t fight your feelings
No matter how hard you try
I believe we are made for each other
And one day the angels will bring us back together
I remember when we use to make sweet love
It was like a taste of heaven above
(Baby) If I have to live on earth without you
I would lose my sanity
For all I want is you and I to bond as one for eternity
I crave you in every way
So listen attentively to the words I say
And let me show you my love in action
But you have to give me your full attention.

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