You have overshadowed my eyes
By fooling me with your disguise
I thought I knew you
But I don't have a clue
Who you really are
You were my shining star
But not anymore; for you have left me completely scarred
Life no longer has any meaning
You made me feel like nothing
How I once thought of you as my everything
But it's only because I couldn't see passed
All the lies you were bringing
Reality finally hits me
And I am now able to see
That you didn't love me at all
You could care less if I fall;
You are the reason why I feel so small
I wanted you to be my man for eternity
I still love you but I refuse to let you destroy my sanity
However; I am stronger today than I was yesterday
Because I have totally erased you from my mind
And my soul tells me that one day true love I will find.


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Leesaan Robertson
over 5 years

Thank you

Sarana Conradie
over 5 years

Deep and powerful

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Sarana Conradie

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