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Jesus loves you (Song)

Jesus loves you
Though you don’t believe it’s true
You can’t blame him for what you’re going through
He feels your pain and he cares
Just know that he won’t give you more than you can bear
He wants you to repent from your sins
And if you refuse to; the devil will always win
Jesus loves you
And it's signed in the book of life so this is nothing new
He knows your whole heart
So call on him for he won't allow it to break apart
Because he's the only one who can bring joy
Back to your soul
And make you completely whole
Again and again;
Jesus loves you and his love for you will never end
Jesus loves you
He alone can make your life brand new
If you turn to him in prayer
Each question you asked him, he’ll answer
For he always give second chances
And you’ll see how your faith in him enhances
Jesus loves you
For you, there’s nothing he would not do
He will carry you through every storm that comes your way
All you have to do is get down on your knees and pray
And he will give you strength to face another day
You should call on him because he’s ready to listen
To every word that you have to say.


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