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Teardrops roll down my eyes
Just as rain falls from the sky
Left a track inside my heart
As you dared to say good bye
And no matter how hard I try
This hurt will never go away
If you only knew how much I wanted you to stay
Each time I fall asleep
Your face is all I see
Dreaming of you; night after night
Coming home to me;
I wish time could rewind back
To the way things used to be
When there was no emptiness
And this house was filled with happiness
I just need to feel whole again
And I want this pain to completely end
I’m tired of shedding these tears
We've been together for so many years
I still can’t believe; you and I have drifted apart
Just want you to know I've always loved you from the start
You have weakened my bones
The day you left me all alone
But I will remain strong
As our memories live on
I can’t stop thinking about you
And the fun things we did like to do.


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