Truth be told

Truth be told
He said I’m beautiful
Like the sun that glows
In the morning
Continuously he stares
In to my brown eyes
And calls me his darling
If looks could kill
I would have been dead already
For his eyes are glued
To my entire being
Truth be told
He said I’m his queen for eternity
And no other woman
Could win his heart
Therefore he’ll never let me go
No matter what comes our way
How lucky I am to have him
By my side
Without a doubt
We both belong together
For a lifetime
Truth be told
Forever he’ll be my king
This man is beyond priceless
Just the way he puts me
Before any other
Warms this soul of mine
Furthermore, it’s evident
How much he loves me
With each breath that he takes
And my heart tells me
I’m the only woman
Riding on his mind
Because I’m the sunlight
That shines bright in his life.


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