You were the light in my life (Song)

I’ll do anything to feel you in my arms again
Our relationship was not supposed to end
I just wish you would give me one more chance
To make things right
I can’t take another lonely night (No)
You’re constantly riding on my mind
For you and I were great together
That’s why I believe you and I will forever bind
You were the light in my life
Because you use to make me feel like the perfect wife
I need you more than you will ever know
I want to hold you and never let go
You were the light in my life
That shines so bright
All I want is to wrap my arms around you tight
My heart is calling out to you wherever you are
And thinking of you makes it glow like a star
(Ooh) Though you are far away
Can you feel each beat that it makes?
To have you here with me
I’ll do whatever it takes
You were the light in my life
I could not get enough of your love
It’s like you were sent to me by the angels above
To bless me with eternal happiness
But we're no longer together
And it really hurts because we gave each other our best (Ooh).


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