She is,
My bread unbroken;
Left to mold.
An ever-thickening assault,
On this heart born free;
For The Blood of Old,
Is the blood that flows inside of me.
My Lot,
Cast and hurled;
Forever thrown.
In spirit worn grooves,
Beneath soul debris I found;
The means to Atone,
And from sin be unbound.
So under Blood of Old I held;
Those means until they drowned.


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alrededor de 4 años

This is great... It's just in the rawness is it's genius ... I'd like you to critic what I write although I'd be a bit nervous at what u said ..:)

james matthew coleman
más de 5 años

you're funny :) i'm glad to know you like this one :)

Patricia May Neiderer
casi 6 años

thumbs up
thumbs down
thumbs on the ground
i like it
i like it
thumbing all around

james matthew coleman
alrededor de 6 años


Jae Rychlewski
alrededor de 6 años

"She is,
My bread unbroken"beautiful!

james matthew coleman
alrededor de 6 años

Thank you Cory!

james matthew coleman
alrededor de 6 años

Is it just me, or does good rest seem hard to come by? haha, thanks love!

Cory Garcia
alrededor de 6 años


alrededor de 6 años

No rest for the wicked, eh? Haha! Wicked awesome thoughts, anyway. 8^)

james matthew coleman
alrededor de 6 años

Yeah, started at around 4 a.m. Posted as 'Middle Scroll' maybe two hours later. Came back to it while you were reading, cleaned it up and re-titled....I thought I learned my lesson about free writing on this site lol! I usually just compose drafts on my e-mail, so I don't lose or forget work done before the piece is finished... I was on a new computer this morning and started writing on this site, no auto save.... I'm glad you like this poem the way it is now! :)

alrededor de 6 años

Much better! LOL! I get the jist of it nyeeheehee... When was this written? Today?

james matthew coleman
alrededor de 6 años

Oh no! I just totally revised it right now! lol. Did I ruin it? haha! ...... I don't think I could put it back even if I wanted, I don't exactly 'member how it went!

alrededor de 6 años

Hmmm.. I wonder what this means...? Beautifully sad, nevertheless...

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