“This ain’t love”, she tells me,
Only indulging in me when it benefits your heart’s current circumstance."
“This ain’t real”, she cries,
“Only seeing the things I’ve done when your well has gone dry,
Only appreciating me when struggle reminds you to.”
“This ain’t passion”, again she speaks,
“Only calling out for me when you’re choking in the dark places you thought you could hide your love from me,
In places you thought greater love than mine existed”
Words burning fire into my very being
And she’d be right
“Only wanting to be renewed when those old habits trample the character  I tried to form in you.”
She’s yelling, screaming, shoving every word down my throat, forcing me to swallow her beautiful and poetic rage
And again she spoke,"never cherishing the nights you thought were lonely until I swept into your mind and caresses your soul"
Never remembering the times I corrupted your intellect.
You thought that was endearing.
How you found identity and I was the cause?"
But she’d be wrong.
Yes, through her I accepted my flaws,
Through her I did grow wise from my wrongs
But my identity was not found in the things I had forgot
Nor the moments I did not allow to turn and rot
But from the self respect I gained
And of loving myself before her greed for me,
Deciding to be free for me
And for that she loves me not
But I could say the same


Another intro I did to the album, "She Loves Me Not" by AJ Biggs

Love, album, she, heels, strong, self, regain, focus, alone

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