Excuse Me

Hey, tall brown girl
You gave me confidence
When my head was held low you lifted it back up again
Hey, tall brown girl
With those stallion legs
Those legs that gave me strength
Showed me how to bend backwards when the world threw stones forward
Hey, tall brown girl
You make me smile
You make the cost of being me worth while
Tall brown girl with those lips made of the silver lining in clouds
You make me happy
And when I listen to those sappy love songs
I hear your lovely voice and they cancel out
Yo, tall brown girl with the voice of a thousand angels
You calm my mind
The vibration of your vocals hit my ears and smash into my soul
Hey, you
Tall Brown girl with that skin made of gold
Rubbed the betrayal away
Those people
Who killed my passion
You helped me find it again
Excuse me, tall brown girl
Are you listening?
With those saponi waves
Turn around
Let me see those eyes
Those eyes that were gated by hurt
But you tried
You pushed through and now I know your worth
Hey, tall brown beauty queen
You weren’t mean
You’d just been through a lot of things
Tall brown queen
Remember me?
I’m that girl
That girl you never stopped trying to grow on
The one that never gave up on
Gave up on you
And look at us now
The one closest to your heart
So close, I could touch your heart
And I often do
Let me illustrate that for you
Just so when you shed a tear it’s cus I made you remember
Just wanted to make you see that
The love we have is real
So just let me hold your heart for a while my sista,
My sista
More like the other half of me
Just know the love we have isn’t free
Love too strong to title it
Love so much I could never fathom writing down all of it


To Leslie. Here's my first attempt to show you my heart. I hope I didn't fail you.

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Cory Garcia
plus de 6 ans

Very Nice!


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