"The making of ME ...."

I’m a caged free spirit
I find fun where ever it can’t be found
I’m petite and a little awkward
Random in my actions
Random in my ways
I’m a free spirit
Thinking light to none of the worthless opinions around me
Thinking much of new ways to give
I am a giver
Burried within me
Yet unknowingly it overflows
I am a realist
With a sixth sense for rotten vibes and hidden lies
My eyes tell the truth
Even when I don’t want them to
Because sometimes it hurts to watch
I am a lover
Searching passionately for the good within thr forgotten
Taking close looks
Finding any reason to reach out
I am me
That church-going, Jesus-freak who messes up here and there
But still finds her way back on her feet
Snatching any opportunity to do it all over again
The right way
I am that free spirit
Yes, I’m that giver
I am that realist with that sixth sense
I’m that lover
I can be a fighter
Either way
I am me


This poem was one of many that began the acceptance of who I am from me.

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Janaviya ♡
oltre 6 anni

thank you!

Cory Garcia
oltre 6 anni

Love this!

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Cory Garcia

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