By J Ann Crowder

My bloodlines—strings on harps rippling earth’s golden tides
Waves lifting—gone, soaked up by grains of sandy beaches
The bygones of waning moons, melted into horizons of milky way
My bloodlines stir compasses inside
To trees binding threads of vines and bark
A hidden past of treasured chests spilling overflows of gems
Names etched upon leaflets connecting branches to trunk

November 30, 2017. Something inside us draws us to the past. This poem depicts our yearning to learn of our ancestors and connect to the past. Genealogy inspires the inquisitive nature we have. Genealogy is intriguing and addictive. The tree and branches are symbolic of the family both past and present.

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Nelson D Reyes
over 3 years

Amazing! Ive started a family tree poem myself sometime ago.
Definitely now I am more inspired to finish it.
Four/five years ago I got a ”23andMe” birthday gift from my family.
Surprise of all surprises I found out that I am a “caveman” with 3.1% Neanderthal DNA in me! Highest percentile that the lab had tested at the time when most were testing in the 2% or less range.
Now I am eager as ever to visit Neandertal quarry in Germany.
Of course this is only one phase of the “waning moon that has melted into the horizons of Milky Way”. Beautiful line!
Fave. Love. Thank you Jenifer.

J Ann Crowder
J Ann Crowder
over 3 years

Very interesting! Fun to discover where we came from. I’d love to read your poem when it is finished. Thank you for reading mine! I always respect your comments!

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