J Ann Crowder

They—two souls in twain
Left not upon this earth a stain
Perfectly as they were, hewn together in a lover's toil
Abiding there, for eternities, planting seeds among a richness of soil
Deepening their roots—in love, in song, in journey, and in mystery
Seeking light resting on compassion’s gentle hearth—sung deeply
'Tis longing roots growing fiercely by a twightlight’s magic
Watching doves rise with a morning sun's beam—glowing with their love's carefully knitted fabric
Growing lilies sweet, daffodils, and rose gardens amongst their fields
Peach groves, and apple blossoms sprung too—with passions, sealed
As time presses, magnificent colors explode—new brazen tapestries born
Ever blossoming upon each new moment, joyfully—unfolding a mystic garden of delights adorned
In twain, toiling their garden, blossoming true
On richness of soil spent by their enduring love, fair—brimming with soft hues of blue
At last, shinning with firefly trees burning with autumn, scorching forests red
Thus magnifying beneath flowery fields of purple, glowing dust—a royal love upon their radiant, bowing heads

This is for your own interpretation. It's my own definition of love. Written on July 1st, 2016.

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Nelson D Reyes
about 5 years

Simply...Love! I could do a water color of each of the stanzas and
still come up with " fireflies of love...gently blossoming ...exploding to magnificent tapestries of delights...". Delightfully expressive from the heart all eight stanzas. One to keep eternal. Thank you for framing this.

about 5 years


Charlotte B. Williams
about 5 years

Love is beautiful, and you expressed it so beautifully in your poem

about 5 years

Like Robert said. Quite romantic!

Robert L. Martin
about 5 years

So !!!! Romantic.

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