By J Ann Crowder

“Broken me?”
(I gingerly tap her shrunken shoulders)
“Do you see me as our life’s plastered fragments, sealed in golden spun hues of eternal sun?“ (exhales softly)
“Sewn together with a glistening glow of sacred thread?“
Those permanently shaped pieces, once shared— chipped, now magnificent sealed cracks magnified within our hungered past, glistening with gold threaded bindings in darkness
Broken me! Oh how your soul cried whilst settling in a heap of fallen mass upon silent earth dust
There you shook handfuls of wishful air in your fists, crying to unseen beings
Thus you reached for ladder rungs lifting to a sky’s brilliance from the dreadful pits of deep despair below
There, those ladder rungs fell upon you, leaving your grip no longer bare
As I, a sound witness—those ladder rungs thus chimed both feet & hands, “CLIMB!”
Each rung a stepping stone across the raging torrents of our life
No longer are you faced downward within sobs of mournful loss
Circumstance befell us, you & I
My sister!
My soul!
In-twain we united, climbing golden rungs upwards to lofty moons & star gazed wishes
It is here we dance
It is here we fill engulfing skies with the colors of our dreams
It is here we soar like the blue dove, peace settling within the depths of our very bones

It’s been a while & I had a sudden urge to write again.

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Nelson D Reyes
7 months

Coming to terms we all did and still accepting what lies ahead. And your metaphors are right on. Love it. Fave as well.
Happy that you are back and put that shining star up there again for us to see.

J Ann Crowder
J Ann Crowder
7 months

I missed you friend! The world is a little crazy right now, but feeling connected again. That’s important. Thank you!

Charlotte B. Williams
8 months

Hi Ann. I was away for a while too. Good to see and hear you guys poetry again.

J Ann Crowder
J Ann Crowder
6 months

Thank you! Love you sister poet!

Robert L. Martin
8 months

I'm sure glad you are writing again, you with those beautiful metaphors. I guess your new boy Benjamin occupied most of your precious time. I love reeding your poetry.

J Ann Crowder
J Ann Crowder
8 months

Yes that baby sure does. Thank you, I’ve been missing this group!

8 months

Welcome back!

Like you I was away for almost a year. Came back a couple of weeks ago.

Great poem as usual. Like!

J Ann Crowder
J Ann Crowder
8 months

It’s easy to get busy & side tracked but nice to to come back again & see familiar faces. Thank you, glad to see you back as well!

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