By J Ann Crowder

These moments, I love, in tranquil wishes thus come true
Ever a dream rising in life’s bliss like eagles' wings expanding across a river’s winding shadow
Dreams may weigh heavy in our longing hope to awaken them
Such heaviness leaves us distraught with sadness, betimes
Yet, there is no need for hopeless doubts shrouded in heaps of hollow wishes
Always be true to faith in life and love
Thus, faith is enshrined with joys arisen on hope’s Sky
Don’t miss life’s many high thrills
They don’t come before a waiting
So, bide your time well
Live your lows with a smile, and anticipate a thrill every now and then
For dreams awaken and wishes 'really do come true’
Sorrow is ever real, but happiness too
Thus, in knowing life is a ride with twists, turns, lows, and thrilling rushes of highs, live always as if each wish and dream already awakened upon shimmering starlit skies
At last, live forever true to thine faith
Let thine faith fill each hollow cave of doubt within
Become a mystical science of shooting stars; for the magic of stars already abides inside you

Written June 9th.

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Nelson D Reyes
about 5 years

" is enshrined with joys arisen on hope's Sky...for dreams awaken
and wishes really do come true...". Very well said and clearly seen.
The Sky is ever shooting stars of dreams upon us; with our "faith in life and love"
happiness is there for us to get hold of, from within us, as the "magic of stars" dwells
in us. Love it.

J Ann Crowder
J Ann Crowder
about 5 years

Thank you!

Robert L. Martin
about 5 years

When I feel down, I will read this poem again to feel better. Very good poem Great philosophy

Charlotte B. Williams
about 5 years

Good advise Jenifer,

about 5 years

"Become a mystical science of shooting stars; for magic of stars already abides inside you" We are all stardust :)

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