J Ann Crowder

I live with a sense of solimnity impending
So I cling to those kinds of dreams shaking me awake in the dark
Anxiety, my mind in shackles, leaves happiness bound for a time
Until, glimpses of light peer in through endless mazes of tunnel visions
Like a blind man seeing earth in the darkness through his other senses
Imagine now, reality is imagination and imagination is reality
Because only when we imagine, as the blind man sees in the dark, do we truly see reality
When dreams of truth dash the solemn tides
No longer do I belong in a box, gift wrapped to strangers
I become the air and sustenance to life being
Because, breathing air can be pointless
Thus, breathing oceans in my dreams become my magic castles
Like breathing soul into my lungs
Because the inner being lives not on oxygen
The living soul lives upon the untraceable threads of invisible, woven worlds
Thus painted lines, not tangible to our surface of clean hourglasses marking time in increments, really do exist
Because infinity is reality, as fireflies stir the infinite, untouchable hues within—the star dancers born on sacred wishes trapped inside
‘Tis artfully shaped like a heart, or sun
‘Tis warm like a hearth
‘Tis strong like an ocean’s heavy, blue wave
‘Tis a silent melody, like earth’s mysterious science

A deep, reflecting type poem. A story of a mediocre life, fitting perfectly into the boxes we were taught to fit into. We think this is reality, or most realistic. However, our mind has no limits. If we believe the life and magic in our minds can be real, it will. Most inventors were laughed at, because their imaginations allowed them to think outside the box. If what we can imagine can turn into something tangible and real, perhaps we are most alive and real when we are living within our imagination. “Believing is seeing.” Literally! I have always been fascinated with seeing the world through the eye of our imagination rather than using the realistic and mundane to rule our lives. The imagination is therefore more realistic. Art, invention, dance, tapestry, world, galaxy, all inhabit infinite space. How fascinating not to confine ourselves to a box, limitations, and a mere adherence to the mundane belief that those who imagine with a broader stoke of color are the insane ones. Reality is this: the box is the thing that is imagined, not the imagination itself.

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over 1 year

My youngest brother when he was young could not color within the lines of characters in a coloring book. We used to rag and harass him for such "lack" of discipline. He went on to get a Fine Arts degree and is now work as a graphics artist. Apparently, as a young boy he saw things lesser mortals like us could not.

I like your poem!

J Ann Crowder
J Ann Crowder
over 1 year

@Vic: So true! Thank you!

Nelson D Reyes
almost 2 years

What a great canvas! You are indeed a great artist! The art you create with words, simple primary colors, comes out of the frame and becomes part of the reader’s imagination, his/her reality, a Peter Max world so to speak - beyond van Gogh’s, in the realm of the inventors’ as you said, yonder outside the imagination itself! Indeed I am glad to be living in this world and at this time with you, your soul among us.
Fave. Love. Thank you once more for igniting my senses Jenifer. Yes think big and small, our imagination has no limit. We begin where we stop and stop where we begin (TSEliot) - just imagine if we overlap the beginning and the ending, if I may addd.

J Ann Crowder
J Ann Crowder
almost 2 years

@Nelson D Reyes: Thank you for your fav & love! I’m glad to be here with such amazing inventors of art and poetry. Aligning words to create perfect expressions and visions. You are going beyond the imaginary rules that limit us.

Robert L. Martin
almost 2 years

Thank God for those who think outside the box.

J Ann Crowder
J Ann Crowder
almost 2 years

@Robert L. Martin: I agree! You among one of them.

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