By J Ann Crowder

I’d like to stay awhile, gazing upon a pumpkin moon and strolling through rubies of leafy beds ruffled by autumn's song dangling within swirling winds
Savoring reds of apple crisps, overflowing with honeyed kisses
Summer’s fire has dimmed, welcoming frosty, breezy bellows of cold mountain shadows
Streams are refreshened by an overshadowing, coolness of breath
I’d like to stay awhile, basking in a lake's smooth and gentle tides, watching reflections of skeleton trees above as birds lovingly cluster beneath frozen clouds
I’d like to stay awhile and watch those first glacial gems breath life into winter’s newest, grandest beginning

Written October 21st, 2017.

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over 3 years

glacial gems breathe life into winters newest ,grandest beginnings ' loves role model'


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