By J Ann Crowder

You were once ashes of molten, burned sediment, like an aftermath of earth’s tumultuous clashes seared by a refining heat of rebirth
Now, you are star dust bursting through blackholes in a universe of Milky Way
Y-O-U are diamonds forged within steamable combustions of fire-belly soul
You are celestial fountainheads in spring, risen from winter’s cold abyss
You are a soothing center, rooted within a 'storm’s eye’—quiet amidst her screaming roar
Alas, you are a sculpted falcon, sailing steady upon winds of uncertainty; a sharpness in your eyes exists—a calming, magical thunder ignited
Always be grateful for a mess of hot ash, an uncertainty of life, and a flaming fire—for without it, your rainbow, your butterfly wings, and your diamond chiseled soul would never have been born

Written June 29th, 2017.

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Nelson D Reyes
circa 3 anni

And we continue to be reborn, dust to dust, " ...fountainheads...risen from winter's cold abyss".
Breathtaking images of the fire and wings of life. Love/fave. Thank you Jennifer.

J Ann Crowder
J Ann Crowder
circa 3 anni

Thank you! For love and faving.

Robert L. Martin
circa 3 anni

We sure are diversified, all right.
Beautiful poem, as usual.

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