The End

Looks like I've ruined it all

Life was great
Until things changed
I waited for something ease my pain
And it seems it left as soon as it came
I can’t help but cry out to the man I love
Though he can’t hear me
Though he doesn’t love me
It’s funny how someone can break your heart
In the kindest ways but you can still feel the agony
And I still can’t help the smile from creeping across my face
Every time you look my way
I still look for you when people call your name
And my still burns every time I think of you
I can’t help myself from fantasizing about the things we could still be
But you won’t even talk to me
My heart is broken and I’m afraid it won’t heal
And love will never come my way
Honestly I’m afraid that I’ve lost true love
'Cus no one has ever made me feel this way
And that makes the tears flow faster
As I think of all things we were and we could be

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