It was like seeing the sun after the longest time
I felt the sun battling my cold, pale skin
Ah... it has been so long since the sunlight has kissed my face
It felt like drinking tea on a cold winters day
The hot, sweet liquid flowing down my esophagus
Warming me from the inside out
How long it have been since I felt such warmth
A smile creeps across my face as I close my eyes, soaking it all in
My cold, stone heart melted, filling me with joy
What a relief it was seeing such a familiar, loving face in a sea of strangers
Those kind blue eyes, soothing the pain, healing my broken heart
How comforting it was to feel those arms wrap around me
Making me feel so safe, so warm, so loved
It has been so long that I had forgotten what it felt like...
How it felt to love

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