Fly away
Little girl you have no means
                        to stay
          Your just to young, to feeble
                    and to weak
How can I love some one so useless
                    and meak
               But please my dear
I'll show you I can only get better
                   from here
Just give me a chance and I will
                  appease thee
Please lover dear I don’t want you
                  to leave me
               Fly away child!
      Your to plain and just to mild
I want a woman who’ll set my heart
                   on fire
One to help me make my situation
                 feel less dire
            But lover I can do all
                  of things!
I’ll show you I can of you’d just give
                 me wings
I’ll fly to the mountains and far,
                far above
Just to come back to prove you
                my love
      Fly away silly girl before I die
                 from laughter!
I’ll give you your wings and then
                      shortly  after
       You will return just to beg on
                your knees,
'Oh my love just give me one
             more chance,
 I will be better just let me show
             you please!’
        No my love that will not be!
All I want is for you to love and
               care  for me
So please lover dear I’ll do it all!
       Just to prove that I am not
            worthless  and small
         Fly away then I’ll give you
                     your wings
Just for you to break them just
             like all of your things!
Go prove me wrong then if you
               claim you have strengh
I bet you won’t make it more than
            my  arms length
         “So she took her wings and
                   flew  away
 Just to return the very next day
            And to her lover suprise
She had new love and a glint in
                 her eyes
     'You said I’ll never make it
              and  guess  what I can
I made it farther then you, you
                  foolish man’
 He begged her to stay but she did
                   as  she pleased
So she left him there still begging
                  on  his knees”

This is a story/poem I wrote

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