Because my father never told me,
that my jupiter hands were glistening with bravery
Planets spinning all around me,
All inside me;
I let my fingers be cut away with the rest of me
I fed my skin to the moon
Because my father never told me,
that his heart was made of copper
that my heart, was made of copper,
Because he never told me that when he looks at me its the same as looking in the mirror
Because he never told me I have his jawline, his square shoulders, his bony fingers, his roaring confidence
Because he never told me,
He was proud of me
Maybe it was because he isn’t proud of himself.
Maybe it’s because the planets between his fingertips have stopped spinning,
Maybe it’s because he has forgotten,
What he really looks like.
November came and went, circling around me like a hurricane
365 days, wrapping her hospital bed hands around my ribcage
Sinking her apple seed teeth into my wrists
November came and went,
365 days
I have forgotten what you look like.
Because you never told me,
You were sorry for all you said, and all you didn’t say
Because you never told me, why you left as easily as November came
Because you never told me,
I have forgotten what my own hands look like,
Just as much
as you have

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