Your body was like a lunar eclipse, slowly dancing across me, sheltering my shadowy sky. Your hands like ink, splattering memories everywhere you touch; I know because I see myself in all the walls of your white painted room. I walk with my heart pounding against my ribcage, begging to walk these streets just one last time, to feel you inside of her, just once more. There’s words falling out of me, dragging behind me  against the pavement. The moon he watched In awe as I walked on, leaving them there to be on there own. But darling moon I do not need them anymore, for they are all words from his mouth, and so I must let them go. I have been drained hollow, every bone, every blood cell, but yet you still live inside of me. Tell me how I can feel so little, but every time it pours you come rushing back down into my veins, as if you had never left. So tonight I will count every star that sleeps inside my bones, and I’ll close my eyes with my head resting against the pale blue trees. I’ll tear apart my soul into as many pieces as she holds, and throw them up to the sky, and maybe next time it pours, you will think of me.

But until then, the sky remains unnoticed.
And until then, I’ll miss you alone.

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Julia W
over 6 years

Thank you! :)

Cory Garcia
over 6 years

"There's words falling out of me, dragging behind me against the pavement."Nice! This ones very raw... like you are a walking wound rubbing against an abrasive world... Nicely done!

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Cory Garcia

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