I fell in love with the sound of the oceans voice, fireflies beating against this giant beasts ribcage, as it’s waves crashed down before me.
It reminded me of the firecracker in your throat,
when you told me,
you could no longer be home to me.
I touched the backs of my hands,
tearing earth from the callouses
sunken into the roots of this forest you invaded
This forest that you built inside of me
only to burn it down.
I fell in love with the gasoline scent of your breath against my crooked spine,
your soul entering every crevice,
every interval...
It reminded me of the car ride home
when the music was blasting through my chest, my thoughts spilling all over your skin
when I realized,
you were no longer home to me.
I drove on through the star stained night, your absence all over my body.
I drove to the place where I slept, where I ate, where I lived; but I cannot call this place home.
The word sat heavy like a train beneath my tongue. Every time my mouth tried to form the vowels of this word,
Would come spilling out of me.
This word sits on my chest like an entire constellation. This word, silence,
Home, Home, Home, Home, Home–
If you say it enough times, it no longer sounds like a word, if you say it enough times, it begins to disappear.
I wear the word home like a mask of silver skin, carrying it around like wind in my pockets.
Stay, Stay, Stay, Stay, Stay...
If you say it enough times, it no longer sounds like a word.
If you say it enough times, it begins to disappear.
I said your name
too many times.
Maybe I should have kept you safe inside my mouth;
Maybe then,
you would have stayed...
Maybe then.

Lovepoems, nature, love, sad, home, loss

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