You loved me when we were stars in the sky,
you floated so far away from me, but even as humans one million years later,
I felt you in my chest.
You loved me when you were an ocean, and I was a bird.
I’d fly so low,
just so I could touch your waves
to my wings.  
Now we are human beings, and I don’t remember your name anymore.
I don’t even know
where you are,
or who you are.
All I know is when I look at the ocean, fire blooms inside my ribcage, and your presence is written all over my bones,
my skin burning;
where you left your fingerprints.
And so today I build worlds inside my head, of what we used to live like, when we were oceans, when we were stars;
when you loved me.
There are ghosts inside my lungs,
there are moons inside my throat I’ve swallowed;
Ghosts of people I’ve been,
moons I used to live under. I’m an old world living in a new one,
I don’t know where you are, my ocean;
but I hope you’re here with me somewhere.
I hope you’re a human, with the same stars in his chest,
and the same ghosts under his skin;
I hope I’m a ghost under your skin.

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