Dancing round the room,
darling I feel so light
The moon on my skin,
His voice is my music tonight
Pacing round the room,
My heart feels so heavy
My skin so thick around me
I can’t seem to find myself
Where have I gone
The air still smells of flowers, nostalgia curling around my waist
Darling I’m about to collapse
Your voice has weighed me down
Yet again
Where have I gone
You’re standing right in front of me,
the stars carved into your skin,
the ocean tied around your wrists
You’re standing right In front of me,
but I do not recognize you
I swallowed a bottle of stardust, and I painted the moon above my bed
As I thought of how I had danced around this room
How I wish I could dance again
Where have I gone

Sad, lost, nature, nature imagery, moon, heartbreak, love, happy, personification, relationship, lost love, stars, poetry

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Julia W
about 6 years

I love your comments :)

Cory Garcia
about 6 years

WoW! I read this a couple of times and saw different imagery each time... another beautiful song sister poet :)

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