You want to play?
well that’s okay
cause I have a game to throw towards your way
roll the dice twice that would make me very surprised
but to begin such a thing
magic will appear before your very eyes
don’t be deceived of what you see
for all of this is the heart of honesty
listen well and learn from this bell
when I tap once you’ll tell a secret I may have already known
when I tap twice you will have to roll the dice
to see how many confessions you will have to tell tonight
I tapped once to only hear the truth
where rumours have left a curious edge to my mind
then there he did
the secret was out
he had cheated on a women not to long ago
and with that I knew
I was her.

a woman hypnotizing her current lover who was very unfaithful to her even though she had known what he had done she need to only hear it for him out loud .

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Cory Garcia
over 7 years

Very well done!

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