Homeless man

He wept and walked slowly around the bend
His hair was hard of grease
Never washed it had seemed
His back had a hunched bump
Clothes were torn
His heart carried him on
To keep walking on blistered feet
It had not mattered
Cause his mind was to rotten
No dime
No home
No help
Was the code for all the homeless men
Left for dead
Don’t smile
Don’t talk
Only leads to horrible thoughts
Not mine
But theirs out there
The people with busy lives
If one crack of a smile your a sicko
A perv
One word to come out
Just a sound I make from
This dry cracked mouth
They run
Assume I will ask for their precious money
Scared they might actually
Have pity on me
Well da hell with you
I’m alone
Cold and done
Fold up in a blanket
And hope for the best
On the next day to come.

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