Forgive me father for I have sinned
for not listening to all her shit
no just listen for once
I have a voice to
let your ears hear
all through the days as a child I knew
she was there to be by my side
to raise me and to protect
and she has
but here is what I feel
I have grown to a custom of myself
a custom of a hermit inside
I don’t want to step out of your lines
here I am already stepped over that warning sign
If i dare say what I feel
the goals i have set for myself
the world will suddenly come to a tragic end
Just listen
stop interrupting!
she was by my side
and that was all
no support
no faith in what I was about to do
my life accomplishments must be a joke to you
i cant believe i thought you would listen
funny even though i say this all out loud
you should be the one to understand
more then anyone
you have said the exact same words to your own mother
were you were my age as well.

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