and The Blue Room

The room was Blue
no light was to shine in
to make the color POP!
but as it was still beautiful
though that has been the only color she has ever seen
Her name was Pearl
the girl who knew it all
the girl who screamed louder then Rapunzel did in her tower
Pearl was alone no one could hear her
maybe that was good? she had thought
or Rapunzel and her had a lot incommen after all
but only Pearl had no father or mother waiting for her
to come back home
Pearl had no lover to rescue her from  this dark Blue room
only but a door stares at me continuously
tauting me, always locked . I HATE YOU! pearl would yell and cry at the door
as if it was a person standing right there.....

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Cory Garcia
más de 7 años

welcome back :)

más de 7 años

Unless I'm reading this wrong it seemed quite muddled!

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