The night before the ball

Iv’e grown up in a rich world
where citizens call my father the King
and call me the Prince
as all only the women like to call me
Prince charming.
while all the women out there
that swarm around me
only wanting my money
I want a woman who loves me for me
not for how heavy my pockets must be
and not a woman that as grown up
in the same rich world as mine
their to picky to perfect
hard to please
My father is having this crazy Ball
its a dance, a place where all the women
can swarm around me again  
to find the soul mate of my dreams
thats what he says!
but how? when only but the woman who I dream of
stays only but in my dreams
for tonight I guess I will find out
who will be the one to shock my heart right out.

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Cory Garcia
over 7 years

Love the fairy tales!

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Cory Garcia

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