You demolished him
As if he was an abandoned house
Instead of building him up
You betrayed him
And threw your vows on the ground
As it smashed to pieces
He tried to mend it
You made him feel worthless
In the process
As if this was all a game that you created
Which is emotional abuse by the way
But your just going to turn the tables like you always do and blame it on him aren’t you
I know Depression cause it’s my enemy  and was once a false friend to me
You chose to trust it
To listen to it
And make deals with it
Instead of overcoming it
Don’t you know when you sin
Karma comes in
You really shocked us all
When you became the chaotic Harlot
No really I’m impressed
You showed your true colors
And thought you could hide it
But that didn’t work out now did it
Since you don’t know what discipline is
I will have to show you
Sit in the corner and think about what you did!

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