The reflection I see
Is that me?
No it cannot be!
Oh but it is
he who said
Who said?
Tis I my lady
Your the beauty in this mirror
Confusion has built inside of me
Who’s the one behind that voice?
Tis I my lady
Right here
Your looking right at me
The mirror?
You are the voice that speaks to I?
Tis I am
For you are a beauty
Why thank you
But why can a mirror like you talk?
Tis I am cursed my lady
From an ugly witch  had put a spell on me
Now I’m stuck like this
Will you help me?
Well that’s to bad
Tis why is that my lady?
For I am in disguise for another man
I’m the witch you dispise

A witch who changed her appearance to put a spell on
Another man , she goes to check herself out in the mirror
And finds she is very pretty
As it had tricked the man in the mirror
Thinking it was a different women
While the witch had humoured him till the end

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