listen to all the animals that make sound
deep within that forest
they all love me some how
as I clean the cement steps outside of my step mothers castle
oh how sadness comes upon me so quickly
I don’t want anyone else to see
no one wants to see a Princess emotions
so I choose to sing with birds that go along with me
weird but its okay
little did I know there was a handsome man watching me
it frightened me then he went on ward back to where he came from
I didn’t want him to go
As I see the huntsmen come out
I was already off into the forest
I knew what my step mother was plotting
ease dropping is all I did when I was a kid
her jealousy was to strong
it took over her
as i found a little cottage where seven men stayed together
they didn’t mind keeping me there
I knew she would come here and find me
I was waiting there for her
I knew if I played dumb
and be happy for with no reason
she would think I would be as gullible as anyone could be
and there she was at the window
disguised as an old hagged women
I like how she thinks that would have fooled me
I bit into that apple  
to show her how brave I was
and hoping that handsome man would find me
and save me and we would marry
It was the only plan I was making
the revenge i was going to have on her
and to have the man that every lady had wanted.

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más de 7 años

thanks i tried

Cory Garcia
más de 7 años

Love this :)

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