A Heartfelt Letter

To my love,
I know we are not near each other
But I want to tell you something
That I know may come as a shock
But I think I’ve have kept it a secret
For far to long…
We have known each other for a while
And I know our love has grown from nothing
To something so powerful
That I don’t even know how to explain it
But I know
That our love will never end
Even if I pass or you
Our love will still be strong
A thousand times ten
And our love will still last
And you will still be on my mind
Even if you are half away across the world
Or even right next to me
You have no need to worry if my love with fade
For I promise you it won’t
No one can EVER take away the love I have for you
And no matter what happens
Whether we get into a fight
Or if we stop talking
I will always love you…
My heart fills with joy as I am writing this
For I can’t stop thinking about you
No matter how hard I try
Haha… But It’s not like I try anyway
I will always tell you I love you
Every night
Every moment I can
Our love cannot go away
No one can kill it
No one can take it away
For I have waited forever to find someone like you
And now that I have finally found you…
I will not let go of you
For if I do
I know my heart will break
And I would fall into a world
Where the light does not shine
Where the wind is still
And where you are not with me…
So, my love
Do not worry
For I will always love you
Even if you are not near
For I will always love you
No matter what
My heart is yours
And your heart is mine
And nothing can break the bond of love...

I hope you guys liked this poem. I would advice you to listen to the song and read the poem at the same time because I think you'll really feel the love that I put into this poem.

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