Killer Memories, Murderous Mind

Photos on my phone
Remind me of you
How much I loved
And cared
The words I said
The kisses I planted
And the nights we spent alone
One by one I read
And delete
Tearing up at the memories
I really thought you liked me
But two times shame on me.
All the photos gone
The memories became distant
But my mind rebels against me
And won’t delete them
Afraid to love
For my heart will be broken
Afraid to open up
Since I’ll get stabbed in the back
Afraid to tell another how I feel
Because I know think they won’t feel the same
Killer memories
Can corrupt
Make you feel like you’re not enough
They’ll scratch at your brain
“Remember this? And what she said? She really liked you. Oh wait no she didn’t!”
Murderous mind
Grabs the blade
“Remember me?”
It seems to say
Time to cut the pain away
Do not worry the scars will fade
“I won’t cut too deep. I promise. Just enough to make me bleed. And look I’m close to my vein but not too close, ya? You can trust me. I won’t kill myself....”

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