Chapter of My Deepest Wish

There was a time in my life
When I felt like nothing mattered
That if I went
No one would care
I thought about it over and over
I kept thinking about where I would go
And how I would get there
Plane? Train? Car?
I didn’t know how I wanted to get there
And to tell the truth
I was afraid to go
Maybe it was because
I didn’t know if I would make it to my destination
What if something happened?
What if my family missed me?
And wanted me back home?
But where I was going....
There was no return
I struggled within me to stay where I was
I tossed and turned every night
Wondering if I was brave enough to do it
When I finally decided to leave
Someone told not me to
They took me by the hand
And ended the hell I was in
I lived to see another day
And the thoughts left my mind that day
But I won’t lie and say that they don’t come back
I just choose to ignore
The voice inside my head...
So my question for you is...
Will you listen to the voice of death...
Or life?

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