The Forest Holds Me

Through the forest I walk
Trying to last
This horrid night
Alone in the dark
I hear voices around me
Telling me to give up
Telling me to stop
To come with them
To stay in the darkness
Each night that I stay
I grow madder and madder
Until I’m able to see shapes in the dark
Until I’m able to hear the voices so clearly
It’s like their right next to me
No matter how hard I try
They never leave me
They never stop
They always whisper in my ear
‘Give up. Stay with us.’
I can’t though
If I stop now all my work
Will have been for nothing
And my work was not for nothing
What I did
Never giving up...
That was to show the world
That no matter what
I will never give up
Even through all the pain
I keep on going and going
I won’t let go to my faith
For I know at the end
I will get my prize
I keep on going through the forest
Even as the animals claw at me
And as the the trees pull at my hair
As the rocks and bushes scratch my legs
As I make it through this hard path
I can see the light in the distance
I can feel a warmth that I haven’t felt in forever
The warmth that I’ve needed my entire life
The more I try to escape my prison
The more the forest tries to stop me
But no matter what I will not stop
I run and run until it feels like I can’t run any more
I’m only inches away form my freedom
When the forest gives me its all
It tries to stop me as much as it can
But even though physically I turn weak
Mentally and spiritually I am stronger then ever before
I keep on going
Yelling at the forest to let go
I’m so close
And nothing can stop me now
I finally leave the forest
The light blinds me
But the warmth fills me
With a something I’ve never felt before
Kindess... Patience...
Fill me up
From the bottom to the top
I will never be trapped again
And I’ll never let the darkness hold me again

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