Christmas Poem


Christmas is coming
It’s knocking on my door
I hear the music
Smell the cinnamon
I can even see all the lights
Everyone is so happy
Joyful to be alive
Laughter fills the air
Children fill the stores
And even though adults pay for everything
They enjoy everything too
However in all the chaos
Do you ever stop to think
About the families
Who aren’t as blessed
As you and me?
They are out in the cold
And no one thinks
of helping them
Giving them what they need
We get all we want
IPhones, Samsung Galaxy’s
Wii U’s, Playstations
Are sold across the nations
Do you buy blankets?
Cook food for the poor?
Or are you so blind
And greedy
That you won’t open your eyes
To see the suffering
I ask that you put aside
Material things
And focus on the true meaning of Christmas
For just because you are happy safe and clean
Doesn’t mean the people around you are

Typed in proxy by the Illustrious Isadora

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