A Letter I Received

Dear Kay,

I am writing this letter to inform you of something tragic that will happen to you.
Please do not be to fearful… Of course I do not know exact details but I will tell you what I know.
Someone…. Will kill you. I don’t know when but it will happen. The person will be someone you have know your entire life. Male or female I can not say, but I’m sure you already know.
I would say goodbye to your loved ones before this happens.

Your death is also in your hands, do not forget that. If you die it will be by YOUR hands.
Yes the person who will kill you will have influence but you will be the one to do the deed.
It is up to you on whether you want to live to meet the ones you truly care about or just end it all. I would tell someone about it before you make your decision… I can not do anything but others can.

That I am sure of.

I hope that the time of your death will not be soon, for you are so very young…
Even just thinking that a 13 year-old is on the brink of insanity frightens me.
I hope that you are doing well even after receiving this grave news.
Please, if you will not think about this for me do it for Angie, Lexi, Sara, and all your other sisters.

Your Worried Heart,
Kay <3

Ok so let me explain because this can be confusing. Yes this is a letter from my heart telling me I'm going to die but here's why.

In this poem I am not thinking with my heart only with my mind. I want to kill myself so much and I'm convincing myself to just end it. I am not listening to my heart which is why it is sending me this letter. My heart does not know all the details, like who is causing me to think this way and so on since it is in the letter, but it does know that I can be helped.
My heart is speaking from the love that others have for me (to me the love you receive stays in your heart and you can rely on it in time of need) which comes from the girls mentioned and other that were not. I don't only have sisters btw I do have brothers but my sisters impact me more...
Since I am being stubborn and won't listen to my heart it is asking me to at least listen to my sisters since they are at this point really the only people that can help (this is not completely true again I do have brothers).

If this has sadden you in anyway I apologize. I did not mean to do that but I as you know, or may not, I use poetry to escape my emotions even if it is just for a little bit.

I have realized I have been posting some saddening poems so I will now post some happier ones :)

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