Deadly Lies

You hurt me
You lied
Burn me at the stake
Watch me as I die
Pain is just a game
Come on now roll the dice
Get those snake eyes
Feel the poison run through my veins
It drives me insane
But you just smile and laugh
Do it again
Watch me crash
Your deadly lies
Kill me inside
But I don’t tell you
Because I’m afraid to die
Can’t lose you
You’re all I have
Oops I’m sorry
I broke my promise to not lie to you
Oh well
Screw the boo hoo’s
You dip your blade in fire
You burn my hair
Put a sword through my stomach
God, this isn’t fair!
I’ve been truthful with you!
Why won’t you do the same to me?
Just stop it!
Go away if you’re going to keep doing this to me!!!
Your damn lies rip me apart
Like beast clawing at me
Again... Again...
Until I just fall out
See what you’re deadly lies have done to me?
Oh wait... I forgot..
You don’t care

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