Love Everlasting

In movies you see a lot of sappy moment
When someone says “They’ll never leave you. They’ll always be in your heart”
I’ve always made fun of it
Because I never understood the true meaning
Love never ends
Even if a love one passes
They still live on in memories
And within you
Don’t believe me?
When Christ died
He still lived on right?
Through his disciples, apostles, and believers.
Is that not the same with us?
Robbin Williams died (you may have heard)
And yet even after his death people still talk about him
Yes out of remembrance
So this shows he wasn’t forgotten
It is the same for all people
Ok, ya, people tell you to forget after a while
And you may forget some
But you won’t forget:
The words you said
The things you did
And the impact you made
Now someone doesn’t need to pass
For love never to end
You can have it were you are dating someone or a family member
Where your love for them won’t ever end even if you are miles apart
And with you bf or gf, you might break up
With your family member you might grow apart
Yet the love you have/had for them won’t ever go away
I have two more everlasting loves
One is the love of someone you lost (not by death but by contact)
And the love of God
The love for someone you have lost is very tough
It hurts a lot...
Especially when you can’t find them
But I tell you this
It doesn’t matter how far the two of you may be
The connection you have will wrap around the earth
It’ll be unbreakable
And when you start to lose hope
Love will give you a reason to stay strong
And keep fighting:)
For the love of God... (haha that’s funny)
Well that’s a different story
He loves us more than we can comprehend
His love is the opposite of ours
For as ours can be filled with lust and can be impure sometimes
His love isn’t
And even as we may forget love and replace it with hate
God won’t because He is not a God of hate
But there is a similarity that both loves have (there may be more but I’m only naming the one)
The love is everlasting
Because nothing can break love
Unless we want it to be broken
And if that is true...
Then is it really love?
Love gives you that drive to keep going
Even if you’ll go mad
You may think “What’s the point?”
"It’s not like she/he matters anymore."
When you really think about it
That’s not love talking
It’s your mind
Will you let your mind think, and make you give up hope on love?
Or will you stay strong and keep on going?
Trust me when I say this
It’s a beautiful thing when you have a love everlasting:)

I would like all of you to know that I have experienced everything I have mentioned here. I don't know if it does, but personally, whenever an author, writer, or even person talks about how they know what you're going through and they may show or tell you it really eases me up. I'm a very shy child so knowing that others have gone through what I've gone through helps me grow and inspires me to continue making poems. ^-^ have a good day and thank you

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