Did You Forget?

She waited for him all night
Hoping he would come soon
For he was late
Very late
One hour
And he never showed
She went back home
Went into her room and cried
Until her eyes became puffy
And her body started to shake
For she was afraid it was over
She knew she could live without him
But she loved him so much
And she thought he loved her too
Guess that was a lie though, huh?
She called him in the morning
But he did not answer her
Hours pass and he didn’t even text her
“I’m sorry I missed last night”
She was so depressed
That she stayed home all day
And ate only small portions of food
For everything she ate reminded her of all the times
They went out to eat
And when they had that cheesy pasta kiss
She couldn’t help but wonder
What had made him leave her?
What made his love for her
Late that night he apologized in a text
And even broke up with her
But that also in a text
Her heart broke and shattered into little pieces
And she felt like nothing mattered
But that quickly passed
And she got to work
She took all the photos and burned them
Took all his stuff, washed it, and gave it to charity
Hey, she was angry but she wouldn’t let that get in the way
Of helping others
But she wouldn’t help her @$$hole of a “boyfriend”
She went on a rampage
And destroyed everything
He forgot about her
Even though their love
Seemed like it would never fade
He forget about her
And she would forget about him
Today she was single
And she didn’t care about him anymore
She was single
And she made the best of it

Women don't need a man in their live and I think it is a shame that girls around my age (13-16)
think they need a boyfriend to make them happy. Women CAN be independent and if your a single woman out their I salute you. :)

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