Follow The Leader

Let’s play a game shall we?
Let’s play a fun game
Follow the leader...
I know it’s a game little kids play
But I’ll make sure this will be fun
The only thing you need to do
Is follow me and go along with everything
Whether you want to or not...
Now follow me to this building
I know it smells a little
But you’ll get use to it
Now here take this
And drink this all
I don’t care if it taste bad
You have to follow me
Don’t worry you’ll get use to the taste and smell
But you can’t just take on drink you must take many more
Don’t worry if everything becomes fuzzy
In a few hours you’ll be ok
Now come and follow me
We still have another stop
Now sit up straight and here’s a lighter
Hold this between your lips
Now light the candle
Suck in, then breath the smoke out
Be careful though
If you don’t breath out
The smoke will go in your lungs
And you’ll start to cough a lot
And because I’m your friend
I don’t want that to happen
Now it’s time for the final round
All you have to do
Is put this in your arm
It may pinch a little
Oh you may feel a little rush
And you may want to keep on doing it
But that’s the point
I want you to become addicted
Because that’s what everyone else is doing
Now do this everyday
Drink, smoke, take drugs
Do everything your not suppose to do
Because in everyone else’s opinion
It’s ok...
So follow the leader
And do what others are doing
Because that is the right way of the world
Of course if you don’t care about the world
And you won’t follow them
Then I wish you good luck
And I hope you don’t fall into temptation..

People fall into the temptation of others and follow what they do even if they don't want to do it. I know peer-pressure is a very big thing in middle and high school and I'm pretty sure it can happen to adults. This talks about how it can be like a game to some people because they can get so absorbed in drinking, smoking, and taking drugs that they think it's fun. A lot of people don't think about what will happen in the end. They focus so much on living like today is the last day of their lives, and it could be.

But why do things that harm your body when you could be things that are better for you? I may be pretty young but I do understand that hurting your body will only give you pleasure for the moment for when your older you regret what you have done when you were younger.

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